Centre for Computing

Dr. V.Subha


Mr. M. Pon Immanuel

System Programmer


"To make the university totally digital so that information, data and services can be accessed by all stakeholders"


  • "To provide seamless digital connectivity to the entire university campus"
  • "To ensure access of error free data and information to all users"
  • "To enhance the use of ICT to improve the quality of learning"


  • Internet Centre was started in 2008 with 300 MBPS speed internet connectivity shared by few departments and admin sections of the university.
  • In the year 2010, 1 GBPS internet connectivity of National Knowledge Network(NKN), under the National Mission on Education through ICT(NME-ICT) on 75:25 cost sharing basis between Central Government and the university has been installed.
  • During 2010-2011 high speed optical fiber network connectivity is installed in the university campus connecting the 1 GBPS high speed internet to all the buildings of the university campus. Thus a campus network was created.
  • The Internet Center was established with 25 computers with internet connectivity catering the internet browsing requirements of students and research scholars.
  • During 2017, campus Wi-Fi and VOIP based intercom facility were installed.

Rules and Functions

The centre for Computing provides the following facilities to the University

  • CAMPUS Internet Connectivity
  • WiFi Networking
  • Intercom Networking
  • Website Maintenance
  • Student Internet Browsing Facility
  • Video Conferencing Facility (Sundaranar Hall)

NKN 1GB Internet - Juniper MX 80 (NICNET)

Firewall - Cyberoam CR500ia

Switching room

Internet browsing facility

Internet Centre

  • Equipped with 33 computers with internet connectivity.
  • Faculty members, students, Research scholars are permitted to use the facility on FCFS basis.
  • Centre is used for provided training to students, online tests & interviews.
  • Campus Optical Fiber STAR LAN distributes High speed internet connectivity to all the buildings in the campus through a high speed core switch.

Maintenance Related Functions

Internet centre provides

  • New Connections
  • Maintenance
  • Modifications / Relocations
  • Modifications / Relocations
  • User Registration and allotment of user-ids

Wireless Network (Campus WiFi)

  • 125 APs through HP ARUBA controller with remote management & Control feature.
  • Integrated with Cyberoam Gateway firewall.
  • Capable of connecting PCs, Smartphones & Laptops through secured Captive Portal.
  • Outdoor Internet café at four central locations.
  • WiFi at class rooms and Hostel buildings.

Wi-Fi Controller – HP Aruba 7205


  • Progility (Siemens) Voice Over IP (VOIP) based Intercom Exchange Capable of 1000 Extensions is installed in the centre. At present 500 extensions are installed.
  • All the faculty members, sections, section heads are provided with Analog hand sets.
  • IP Phones / Digital Phones are provided to Heads, Officers, Directors & Admin heads.
  • PRI – (1000 lines) provided by BSNL hence all extensions can make direct outside calls & can receive incoming calls

Intercom Progility - HP256 C+

Video Conferencing Facility

  • Established during 2015-2016
  • Installed at Sundaranar Hall
  • It is used for remote class rooms, online interviews, online Ph.D viva voce examinations.
  • On 14th January honorable minister Sri. Ravi Shankar Prasad has inaugurated the NKN offshore centre at Sri Lanka by peering NKN with Sri Lanka's Educational and Research Network called LEARN. Honorable Vice Chancellor and Registrar, MSU have participated through MSU Video Conferencing facility and have briefed on the collaborations of MS University with peers.

Video Conferencing

Programmes conducted

  • 10 online screening tests
  • Training programmes for Admin staff
  • Training programmes for teaching staff
  • Campus recruitments (Placement and training Wing)

Future Plans

  • Conduct Online courses
  • Training programmes to Admin staff
  • Certificate & diploma Courses
  • Job oriented programmes for unemployed
  • Digital Content Development