Department of English

Events for the Department

Date Title Co-ordinator
13.03.2012 One-Day Seminar on Translation Studies Dr. S. Prabahar
19th, 20th and 21st February 2013 Three-day Orientation Program on literature, media, and Translation Dr. P.K.Kalyani
15th Feb 2013 One-day International Conference on “Aspects of Creative Writing” Dr. J. Jenitha
22.01.2014 Workshop on “Translation for Film and Electronic Media Dr. P.K.Kalyani
8th& 9th January 2015 Two-day National Seminar on “Indian English Literature since 2000” Dr. P.K.Kalyani
25th&26th of September 2018 Two-Day Workshop on Academic and Technical Writing Dr. R. Vasuhi
7th March 2018 One-day Seminar on “Green Literature” Dr. R. Vasuhi,
Dr. P. Vedamuthan
13th July 2018 One-day Seminar on "Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies: Recent Trends" Dr. S. Prabahar