Department of Social Exclusion

About The Department


The Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy were started in the Eleventh Plan Period (2007-2012) and has been started functioning in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University (MSU) from August 2008.

The UGC document on ‘Higher Education in India: Strategies and Schemes’ has articulated the need for establishing CSSEIP in various Universities in India including MSU.

Social Exclusion is a complex and multidimensional concept having social, cultural, political and economic ramifications. The consequences of macroeconomic policies such as poverty, unemployment, and involuntary migration exclude the victims from economic, cultural and political activities

In Tirunelveli, the need for CSSE&IP arose as there are honor killings, caste-based violence and deep-rooted practice of social exclusion of Dalits.


Let the Growth and Development reach the Unreached


To combat all forms of social exclusion, ideological and empirical, to create an inclusive and egalitarian society in India.


  • Conceptualizing discrimination, exclusion, and inclusion based on Caste Ethnicity and Religion.
  • Developing an understanding of the nature and dynamics of discrimination and exclusion
  • Developing an understanding of discrimination at an empirical level
  • Formulating policies for protecting the rights of these groups and eradication of the problems of exclusion and discrimination


  • To develop a distinctive approach to Social Exclusion
  • To create index and indicators on Social Exclusion
  • Critically evaluate the existing public policies vis-à-vis Social Exclusion
  • To develop an alternative model for future public policy initiatives.


  • Tribal
  • Landless Labourers
  • Dalit
  • Homeless Persons
  • Women
  • Disabled Persons
  • Children
  • HIV Affected Persons
  • Religious
  • Minorities Transgender
  • ACTIVITIES OF THE CENTRE Seminar Conducted-8


  • Curriculum building on Social Exclusion
  • Introducing certificate course on Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy
  • Starting M.Phil and Ph.D Programmes
  • Conducting training and workshop for Local Body Leaders, NGOs, SHGs and Media persons
  • Networking with NGOs and other Government agencies
  • Analyzing the data with the help of Statistical tools
  • Transmitting the social values by the help of NSS and Youth & Red Cross volunteers.