Department of Physics

About the Department

The Department of Physics was established in 1990. The Department has been offering M.Sc., Integrated M.Sc. Physics, M. Phil. and Ph.D., (Full-Time and Part-Time) degree courses with its focus on developing new experimental tools and theoretical approaches to understand the behaviour of matter from atom to celestial level. Over the past 25 years it has produced successful alumni who are well placed as teachers, scientists in government sectors, post doctoral fellows of reputed universities and other government organizations. The department is currently sponsored by UGC SAP DRS-II scheme and in the past our department was sponsored by UGC SAP DRS-I and DST FIST Level-I (two times).


In pursuit of excellence to provide higher education on Physics


  • By the way of innovation in teaching, inculcating problem solving skills for the application and empowering the students to become an independent thinker
  • By the way carrying out research on thrust areas, generating facilities through grant from projects and competing internationally
  • By the way extension activities for knowledge dissemination, societal obligation and leadership role
  • By the way of promoting human values for social harmony and to make responsible citizens

Department Library

The departmental library has about 1000 books, journals and periodicals in various branches of physics.

Bar-coded book transactions with Library Management software by Rovan software

Infrastructure for Teaching

The department has good infrastructure with smart classrooms, Independent laboratory for M.Sc. practical, Integrated M.Sc. Practical, M.Phil. Lecture halls, separate room for research scholars. Staff and students of the department enjoy access 10MBPS LAN internet connectivity and wi-fi connectivity in the whole department. Computer laboratory for M.Sc. practical and students browsing and e-learning.

Facilities extended to other universities and colleges

X’pert PRO power X-ray diffraction facility is extended to others on chargeable basis.

Clean Energy

A clean energy initiative is taken by department of physics and solar cell modules of 1.5 kW are installed and the energy generated is used for M.Sc. laboratory