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Name Designation Mail
Department of Tamil Studies
Dr. A. Ramasamy Professor ramasamy@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. S.Alagesan Professor alagesan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. G. Stephen Professor & Head stephen@msuniv.ac.in
Department of English 
Dr. S. Prabahar Professor prabahar@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. P.K. Kalyani Professor & Head kalyani@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. N. Poovalingam Associate Professorpoovalingam@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. R. Ramesh Reader/Associate Professorramesh.r@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. J. Jenitha Assistant Professorjenitha@msuniv.ac.in
Department of History 
Dr.B.Maria johnProfessor & Head mariajohn@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.P.SermakaniAssociate Professor sermakani@msuniv.ac.in
Mr.M. Vinod Vincent RajeshAssistant Professor vinodvincentrajesh@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.K.Murugaiah Associate Professor
Dr.R.Ramasubramanian Assistant Professor (UGC)  
Department of Sociology Top
Dr. M. Ramakrishnan Professor ramakrishnan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. N. Kannan Professor kannan.n@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. R. MaruthakuttiProfessor & Head maruthakutti@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.S.Samuel Asir RajProfessor samuelasirraj@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Communication  
Dr.P.GovindarajuProfessor & Head govindaraju@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.V.NatarajanAssociate Professor (On Lien)natarajan.v@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.G.Balasubramaniaraja Associate Professor
Dr.V.SundararamanAssistant Professorsundararaman@msuniv.ac.in
Ms.B.RadhaAssistant Professor  
Department of Computer Science & Engineering  
Dr. R.S. RajeshProfessor & Head rsrajesh_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. R. BalasubramanianProfessor rbalus_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. A. SuruliandiProfessor suruliandi_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. D. MuruganAssociate Professor murugan_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. P. Arockia Jansi RaniAssistant Professor jansirani_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Mrs. G. MuthulakshmiAssistant Professor gmuthulakshmi_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Mrs. V. SubhaAssistant Professor subha_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Mrs.G.MurugeswariAssistant Professor gmurugeswari_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Mr.P.SundareswaranAssistant Professor sundaresh_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Statistics  
Dr. K. Senthamarai KannanProfessor senthamaraikannan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. A. Loganathan Professor & Head loganathan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.A. Rajarathinam Professor  rajarathinam@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. P. ArumugamAssociate Professorarumugam2010@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. R. SasikumarAssistant Professorsasikumar_statis@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Mathematics 
Dr. T. Tamizh Chelvam Professor tamizhchelvam@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. S. Somasundaram Professor somasundaram@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. P. Thathabai NowrojiAssociate Professor thathabainowroji@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. J. Paulraj JospehProfessor & Head paulrajjoseph@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. R. KalaProfessor kala@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. K. SelvakumarAssistant Professor k.selvakumar@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.V.Sankar Raj Assistant Professor (UGC)  
Dr.S.Monikandan Assistant Professor  
Department of PhysicsTop
Dr. D. Pathinettam PadiyanProfessor dppadiyan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. K. GanesanProfessor & Headganesan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. T.R. RajasekaranProfessor trrajasekaran@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. B. SundarakannanAssociate Professor sundarakannan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.K.MohanrajAssistant Professor  
Dr.S.Shailajha Assistant Professor (UGC)muthushailaja2010@msuniv.ac.in  
Department of Chemistry 
Dr.A. ChellamaniProfessor (Under Suspension)chellamani@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. E. SubramanianProfessor & Head esmanian@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. C.KannanReader/Associate Professor kannan.c@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. K. SwarnalathaAssistant Professor swarnalatha@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.K.MuthuAssistant Professor (UGC)
Sri Paramakalyani Centre for Environmental Sciences 
Dr. M. ArunachalamProfessor arunachalam.m@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. A.G. MurugesanProfessor agmurugesan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. P. RavichandranProfessor   & Head i/c ravigrass1@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. G. AnnaduraiReader/Associate Professor gannadurai@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.S.Senthil NathanAssistant Professor senthil@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.R.Soranam Assistant Professor (UGC)  
Dr.M.Muralidharan Assistant Professor (UGC)  
Centre for Marine Science and Technology Top
Dr. S.L. SasikalaProfessor & Headsasikala@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. V. Samuel Gnana PrakashReader/Associate Professor samuelgnanaprakash@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. S. Mary Josephine PunithaAssistant Professor maryjosephinepunitha@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. G. ImmanuelAssistant Professor immanuel@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. M. Michael BabuAssistant Professor michaelbabu@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. T.CitarasuAssistant Professor citarasu@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.M.Krishnaveni Assistant Professor (UGC) 
Centre for Geo-Technology  
Dr. N. ChandrasekarProfessor & Head chandrasekar@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. Y. SrinivasAssociate Professor srinivas@msuniv.ac.in
Centre for Information Technology and Engineering  
Dr. A. SuruliandiProfessor & Head i/c suruliandi_cse@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. N. KrishnanProfessor  krishnan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. S. SaudiaAssistant Professor (On EOL) saudia@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. T.Arumuga Maria DeviAssistant Professor arumugamariadevi@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.P.Kumar Assistant Professor  
Mr.B.Balakumar Assistant Professor  
Dr.C. Divya Assistant Professor  
Department of Management Studies  
Dr. B. RajasekaranProfessor & Head rajasekaran.b@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. E. Raja JustusProfessor(MBA Finance)
Dr.S. MadhavanAssistant Professor madhavan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. P. RaviAssistant Professor ravi.p@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. L. Kanagalakshmi Assistant Professor (On Lien) kanagalakshmi@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. N. RajalingamAssistant Professor rajalingam@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.T.Helen Assistant Professor (UGC)  
Dr.G.Mahesh Kuttalam Assistant Professor (UGC)  
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Top
Dr. P. Madhava Soma Sundaram Professor  & Head madhava@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.Beulah Shekhar *Reader/Associate Professor(on lien) beulahshekar@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.K.JaishankarAssistant Professor jaishankar@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. S. LathaAssistant Professor (On lien) latha@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. Syed Umarhathab*Assistant Professor  syedumarhatab@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Economics  
Dr.S.ManickamProfessor & Head manickam@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.J.SacrateesAssistant Professor sacratees@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Commerce 
Dr.C.ThilakamProfessor & Head  thilakam@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. B. RevathyAssociate Professor  revathy@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Education  
Dr. M. KanmaniAssistant Professor  kanmani@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. B. William Dharma RajaAssistant Professor & Head i/c williamdharmaraja@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. A. VeliappanAssistant Professor  veliappan@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Bio-Technology  
Dr. S. SudhakarReader/Associate Professor & Head sudhakar@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. S. Uma MaheswariAssistant Professor  umamaheswari@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Physical Education  
Dr. D. ShunmuganathanProfessor cum Director & Head shunmuganathan@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. S. SethuAssistant Professor  sethu.s@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. C. DuraiAssistant Professor  durai@msuniv.ac.in
Dr. S.ArumugamAssistant Professor  arumugam@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
Mr. A. ChenthilnathanAssistant Professor & Head i/c  chenthilnathan@msuniv.ac.in
Ms. K .Dhana LakshmiAssistant Professor  dhanalakshmi@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Psychology  
Mr. T. Yuvaraj Assistant Professor   & Head i/c. psy.uvraj@msuniv.ac.in
Department of Animal Science  
Dr.A. Palavesam Professor & Head palavesam@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.A. Thirumagal Librarian  librarian@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.P. Balasubramanian Deputy Librarian 
Dr.K.Kannan Assistant Librarian  
DD & CE-B.ED.,  
Dr.S.P.DenisiaAssociate Professor(on-lien) denisia@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.C.RameshAssistant Professor   in Physical Scienceramesh.c@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.G.Rexlin JoseAssistant Professor   in English rexlinjose@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.H.DeepaAssistant Professor   in Biological Science deepa@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.R.SelvarajuAssistant Professor   in History selvaraju@msuniv.ac.in
Mr.C.SaravanaperumalAssistant Professor   in Tamilsaravanaperumal@msuniv.ac.in
Mr.K.R.SelvakumarAssistant Professor   in Mathematicsselvakumar.k@msuniv.ac.in
Center For The Study Of Social Exclusion And Inclusive Policy (UGC Programme) 
Dr.S.MookiahAssociate Professor cum Deputy Directormookiah@msuniv.ac.in
Dr.S.AlamelumangaiAssistant Professor cum Assistant Directoralamelumangai@msuniv.ac.in

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