Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics is the unique department in the subject of Statistics located in the southern part of the State of Tamil Nadu. It was established since the inception of the University. The Department has been offering M.Sc., M. Phil. and Ph.D., (Full-Time and Part-Time) degree courses in the subject of Statistics. In addition, it is also offering Statistics course to the students of other disciplines since the implementation of CBCS to University Departments. The Department has made many achievements and obtained recognitions from the funding agencies at national and international level such as:

  • University Grants Commission, New Delhi has sanctioned a grant of Rs.37 lakhs with one Project Fellow under Special Assistance Programme (SAP) at the level of DRS-II for a period of five years from 2015.
  • UGC sanctioned a grant of Rs.36 lakhs with one Project Fellow under Special Assistance Programme (SAP) at the level of DRS-I for a period of five years from 2010 to 2015.
  • UGC approved a financial support of Rs.43 lakhs with 2 Assistant Professors to offer 2-year M.Sc., (Statistics and Inforamtion Technology) degree course under Innovative degree Program (Dr. K. Senthamarai Kannan is the Course Co-ordinator and Centre for Information Technology and Engineering is the nodal department).
  • UGC allocated 30 Junior Research Fellowships during 2010-2015 to the Department of Statistics for candidates pursuing Ph.D., degree program in Statistics under the scheme of Research Fellowships for Meritorious Students in SAP-DRS Departments in Sciences.
  • UGC sanctioned Rs.60 lakhs to the department for developing infrastructure facilities under SAP at the level of DRS-I.
  • UGC sanctioned a grant of Rs. 30 lakhs and two Research Fellowships during 2007-2011 under the scheme of improving Basic Scientific Research in Non-SAP Departments in Science, Bio-Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Sciences for strengthening of infrastructure.
  • Department of Science and Technology, Government of India awarded a grant of Rs.15 lakhs during 2007-2010 under FIST programme.
  • UGC awarded One-Time Grant of Rs. 7 lakhs to Dr. K. Senthamarai Kannan in recognition to his supervision of research scholars for Ph. D., degree program.
  • UGC sanctioned ONE Adjunct Faculty under ENCORE scheme during XI Plan period.
  • Faculty members obtained grants from UGC for carrying out Major Research Projects with One Project Fellow for each project.
  • The Faculty members have guided 61 candidates, till date, for Ph.D., degree programme. Presently, there are 32 Full-Time Ph.D., scholars with UGC-BSR – JRF, SRF, DST-INSPIRE, RGNF, MANF and 08 Part-Time Ph.D., scholars in the Department. The Faculty Members offer expertise services to the researchers in other disciplines for applying statistical methods.
  • The Department has established Three Computer Laboratories with 33 Computer Systems and a Departmental Library with 1247 Books. The laboratory is equipped with seven licensed software SPSS, STATA, SYSTAT, S-PLUS, MATLAB, MATHEMATICA and GIS.
  • The Department has been organizing Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Training Programmes every year.
  • The Department has been organizing Workshops every year to the students of colleges affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University on the usage of Statistical Methods.