Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in 1990. The Department has been offering M.Sc., M. Phil. and Ph.D., (Full-Time and Part-Time) degree courses with its focus on developing new experimental tools and theoretical approaches to understand the behaviour of matter from atom to celestial level. Over the past 25 years it has produced successful alumni who are well placed as teachers, scientists in government sectors, post doctoral fellows of reputed universities and other government organizations.


The department is equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments like powder X-ray diffractometer, FTIR spectrometer, Electro Chemical work station, Diffuse Reflectance Spectrometer, Source-measure meter, Piezoelectric meter, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Extensive computing facilities, Furnace, Xenon lamp, Vacuum Coating Unit with EB gun, Monochromator, Pulveriser, Hydraulic pellet press, Lock in Amplifier and Potentiostat are available to meet the needs of researchers apart from the well equipped M.Sc. laboratory.


The department has good infrastructure with smart classrooms, Independent laboratory for M.Sc. practical, M.Phil. Lecture halls, separate room for research scholars, Independent research laboratories for every faculty. Members of the department enjoy access and computerised literature searching with computer laboratory.


The departmental library has about 1000 books, journals and periodicals in various branches of physics

Facilities extended to other universities and colleges

X’pert PRO power X-ray diffraction facility is extended to others on chargeable basis.

Clean Energy

A clean energy initiative is taken by department of physics and solar cell modules of 1.5 kW are installed and the energy generated is used for M.Sc. laboratory