List of Subscribed Journals

Department of CMST
Indian journal of Experimental Biology
Journal of Bio-Science
Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
Indian Journal of Natural Product and Resources
Department of Economics
International Journal of applied Business and Economics and Research
Indian journal of Agricultural Economics
Journal of Social and Economic Policy
Department of Education
Educational world
American Journal of Education
University News
Department of Environmental Science
Journal of Genetics
Department of Geo-Technology
Journal of Geological Society of India
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstracts
Department of Physics
Indian Journal of physics
Department of Sociology
Social Scientist
Social Change
The Indian Journal of Public Administration
Social Action
Department of Statistics
Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics
Journal of Statistics and Management Systems
American Statistician
Department of Chemistry
Indian Journal of Environmental Protection
Indian Journal of Chemistry Section – A
Indian Journal of Chemistry Section – B
Indian Journal of Chemical Technology
Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research
Bulletin of Catalysis
Department of Library General
Scientific American
National Geography
Indian Journal of finance
Capital Markets
Journal of Digital Information Management
Journal of Human Development
Journal of Human Values
DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology
Annals of Library and Information Studies
Department of Management Studies
Harvard Business Review
Indian Journal of Marketing
Indian Journal of finance
Indian Management
IIMB Management Review
Indian Journal of Industrial Relations
Foreign Trade Review
RBI Bulletin
Management Accountant
Journal of Services in Research