“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future”

-Ray Bradbury!

University plays a pivotal role in providing education to masses and hence leads from darkness to light. In this sense when universities remove the darkness of illiteracy, the library acts as eyes of the universities in providing knowledge to the students. Among various libraries in south India, our library is one of the best digital library offering various types of content for various higher studies. The library at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University was established in the year 1990 and it has been upgraded to more digitalized version to be in synchronization with current trends of e-content.

There are more than nearly 1600 research print theses available for reference and more than One lakhs of e-books are available which helps the researchers, scholars and students. Now as the technology has improved, there is a provision in the library to read the journals in various disciplines published by colleges/ universities across the globe. University signed MoU in “Shodhganga” project, regarding this the Library is uploading the awarded Ph.D theses from our end to the INFLIBNET Centre Server, Gujarat. INFLIBNET Centre is offering web based Anti-Plagiarism Software Urkund for one year to our University. The students can access the library e-resources from their place of stay with the help of remote access method using the secret password. The library campus is also connected with wi-fi facility for the well being of the students. There are three specially designed computer systems with special facilities that help the visually impaired students to avail the content without any difficulty. This store house of knowledge not only renders support to the students our university, but also helps the students from other institutions and mass public.